Types of Coaching

Personal Life Coaching – Clients set their own agenda in a co-creative relationship where the coach supports the client in discovering and using their wisdom and insight to create their own solutions.
Extreme Coaching – This is for clients who are willing to dig deeper. The client still sets the agenda and it is still a supportive, co-creative relationship but the dialogue is more pointed and probing. It may even be confrontational at times. But for the right client it can achieve unexpected results.
Core Coaching – The client’s agenda is focused on discovering more about who they are than what they do. I call it “Becoming the Man You Always Wanted to Be.” The client has begun to recognize that what matters to him is more internal, than external. That what matters most starts with who they are at their core.
Reinvention Coaching – Clients who are facing the proverbial mid-life crisis. Either age, or the economy, or life has made them realize they need to change. But how, why and where? By opening the client to a whole new world of possibilities we answer that question and develop specific steps to achieve your goals.